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Pakistani Studies Fund

Pakistani Studies Fund

  • The Pakistani Studies Fund supports academic and public engagement activities on Pakistan and supports courses on Pakistani language and culture on campus.

    CSAMES is pleased to have been able to support an active Pakistani studies program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since the 1980s. CSAMES offers an MA in South Asian studies and in recent years, it has acquired funds through a federal grant to offer Urdu classes. It has also held seminars and contributed to symposia that covered Pakistan. CSAMES would like to continue and expand its effort in providing opportunities for better and deeper understanding of Pakistan’s highly complex and dynamic society, economy, and culture. Pakistan is the country with the sixth largest population in the world and plays pivotal roles in a turbulent part of the world. Pakistan carries a great deal of weight, particularly for the United States that has close ties with the country and is host to a large and prosperous expatriate Pakistani community. However, the trends in national and state budgets are increasingly limiting our ability to promote academic and cultural activities concerning Pakistan. In this context, CSAMES needs donor financial support to help continue offering Urdu on campus and to organize academic and public engagement activities on Pakistan. Our aim is to provide a platform to enhance and disseminate knowledge about Pakistan and the South Asia region. We invite you to join us in this effort to help generate new and more profound narratives about Pakistan and its roles in the world through your participation, suggestions, and financial contributions.

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