Islamic World Studies Minor

The Center for South Asian & Middle Eastern Studies offers an interdisciplinary minor in the Study of the Islamic World. The minor is designed for students interested in developing an expertise in one or more parts of the Islamic World or in Islamic culture generally, as a complement to their disciplinary major. Completion of the minor requires 20 credit hours in applicable courses with a minimum grade-point average of 2.75. The courses selected by students for the Minor should form a coherent program of study and must meet the approval of the Director in the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

Note: Students intending to pursue the Islamic World Studies Minor have to fill the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor. Please return the completed form to Angela Williams, Associate Director, CSAMES. Email

For general information on pursuing a minor, please view the Office of the Provost webpage.

Please note that courses taken for the University's Non-Primary Language requirement cannot be counted towards the minor.

Hours Requirements
4 Completion of a fourth semester course in an Islamic language (e.g. Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Swahili, Wolof). Select courses from the approved course list.
3 Select one of the following:
SAME 133- Intro to the World of Islam or
HIST 135- History of Islamic Middle East or
RLST 214- Introduction to Islam (or RLST 213 Intro to Islam- ACP)

Additional courses in language, history, and social science chosen from the approved course list below. The courses must come from at least two disciplines. At least six hours should be at the 300- or 400-level.
ARAB 407: Topics Stand Arabic Lang & Lit I
ARAB 408: Topics Stand Arabic Lang & Lit II
ARAB 409: Adv Top Stand Arabic LangLit I
ARAB 410: Adv Top Stand Arabic LangLit II
ACE 453: Econ Dev in S & SE Asia
ANTH 402: Transnational Islam, Europe-US

ARTH 310: Islamic Arts of Africa: Muslim Identities at the Crossroads
CWL 205: Islam & West Through Lit
FR 479: Studies in Francophonie (when topically appropriate)
HNDI 408: Intro to South Asian Lit (when topically appropriate)
HIST 210: History North & West Africa
HIST 211: History East & Southern Africa
HIST 330: South Asian Military History

HIST 335: Middle East 1566-1914
HIST 337: Middle East since World War I

HIST 352: Europe in the World Since 1750
HIST 413: The Horn of Africa
HIST 430: India from Colony to Nation

HIST 438: Egypt Since World War I
HIST 439: The Ottoman Empire
HIST 466: Southeastern Europe
HIST 498: Research and Writing Seminar (when topically appropriate)
LA 218: S. Asian Cultural Landscapes
LA 222: Islamic Gardens & Architecture
MUS 417: Area Studies Ethnomusicology (when topically appropriate)
PS 241: Comp Politics in Dev Nations
PS 345: Gov & Pol of SE Asia
PS 346: Gov & Pol of South Asia
PS 347: Gov & Pol of Middle East
RLST 213: Intro to Islam-ACP
RLST 214: Introduction to Islam
RLST 223: Qur'an Structure and Exegesis
RLST 260: Mystics and Saints in Islam
RLST 403: Women in Muslim Societies
RLST 408: Islam and Modern Society
RLST 410: Islam in Egypt
RLST 480: Islamic Law
RLST 481: Muslim Ethics in a Global Age
RLST 482: Muslim-Christian Interactions
RLST 483. Salvation in Islamic Law
SWAH 407: Topics Swahili Lang & Lit I
SWAH 408: Topics Swahili Lang & Lit II
SWAH 409: Adv Topics Swahili Lang & Lit I
SWAH 410: Adv Topics Swahili Lang & Lit II
WLOF 407: Topics Wolof Lang & Lit I
WLOF 408: Topics Wolof Lang & Lit II

19 Total hours


Other area-relevant courses may be substituted as they are offered, with approval of the advisor. These include courses in languages other than those listed and independent study courses with appropriate topics. Students wanting to take such independent study courses need to get permission from the instructor; not more than two independent study courses may be taken to meet the degree requirements.